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Our Approach

This comprehensive, integrative approach will address the root of the issue in a compassionate, fun-filled, positive and reward rich way. This will ensure that the awesome results remain and are real life ready, not just in a training class or environment.

Our approach is not traditional obedience training, it’s a scientifically sound and proven approach to teaching your dog to control themselves, even when they are really excited. It is a fun and easy way to rewire your dog’s brain.

Course Curriculum

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The truth is that dogs who bark relentlessly and persistently for the entire time you are gone aren’t being bad dogs. They are not mad at you for going out. They are in a panic. We don’t know why, but for whatever reason, some dogs

They are not bad dogs – they are dealing with fear, a fear of being left alone.

Many huskies that have been rehomed with us have had Separation Anxiety or Isolation Distress, many did not like being left alone for a variety of causes.

This is a common reason for dogs finding themselves in a Rescue. We have been able to change this struggle into a strength, each one now feels Safe, Calm and Happy, even when alone.

There are many common myths; Be careful whose advise you take!

Maybe you have been told it is your fault – you have spoiled your dog by letting him eat first etc

Maybe you have been told: just let him bark it out, ignore it and it will stop, your dog is attention seeking

You need to be the boss.  They think they are the leader and object to their pack going out without them.

Some of the above advice may seem to work: this is likely to be with a dog that is barking for other reasons but sadly, often the problem can be made worse.

Once you realise your dog is not deliberately giving you a hard time – they are having a hard time then we become more patient, we can empathise.

Full blown Separation Anxiety or Isolation Distress can be a difficult struggle to solve. For sure some of the behaviours such as barking, chewing, destroying household objects etc and be driven by other emotions such as frustration. 

Being stressed with a body full of adrenaline and cortisol which make it difficult for our dog to settle. These causes can be tacked relatively easily as we can have a dog that will settle when we leave.

For a dog that really has SA or ID the solutions can take longer and may be helped by Veterinary help (prescription drugs).

This course is for owners of dogs with SA or ID, this is based on the latest scientific research and learning theory. 

You do not need to feel ‘trapped in the house.

We will give you the tools to make gradual progress towards being able to leave your dog alone and them feel safe, calm and happy. 

If you want more information, or are unsure if this is the course for you we can arrange a FREE consultation.

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